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    As the experts in textile coatings, we develop your innovative product from scratch. Together we define the requirements for the finished product.

    Our innovative coating technologies will fulfil your requirements.

    We attach great importance to cost efficiency and target-orientation. We take economic and ecological aspects into account and stand by your side as a partner.

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    Our development process for your product

    Analysis of your requirements

    In an initial conversation we give our customer an insight into the possibilities offered by nopma textile coatings. For example, we process polyurethanes, acrylates, vinyls and silicones in full-surface or partial coatings. Through joint dialogue, we determine the customer-specific requirements for each coating individually, such as abrasion resistance, pronounced friction, flame retardance or biological sustainability. As diverse as the textile raw materials are, we can make our coatings just as diverse.

    Development of your individual product

    Based on your requirements and the properties of the textile raw material, we develop your highly individualized coating. We have access to the most modern technical equipment and can also create customer-specific coating designs on a wide range of textiles. We remain true to our motto: Innovation is THE NEW NORMAL (A real-world example: Underneath our nompa antirutsch® anti-slip coating, an underprint in the customer's design is applied as an additional option. This combination of the customer’s design and a technical coating makes your textile absolutely eye-catching).

    Intensive quality testing in the laboratory

    In our in-house laboratory, we can test the extent to which the coated samples meet the our customers’ requirements. Examples of tests include:

    • For abrasion-resistant coatings Martindale DIN EN 12947-2 or EN388
    • Washing resistance at 30, 60 or 90°C
    • Various burning tests
    • Coefficients of friction
    • Ageing tests

    and many other DIN standard tests.

    Evaluation of the results

    Just as important as the joint analysis of the requirements to be met by our coating is the evaluation of the laboratory results. Based on the agreed specifications and targets, we evaluate the coated samples and make them available to you for the further steps of our joint development efforts. Depending on the coating, abrasion values of up to 1,000,000 cycles for the DIN EN 12947-2 Martindale test or class 4 for the DIN EN 388 test can be achieved. For each product we determine the test portfolio together with our customers.

    Joint analysis of the coating patterns

    During the entire development process we are in close contact and communication with our customer in order to be able to react quickly to changes and to further develop and adapt our textile coating to the new requirements. We see this joint analysis as an important step in developing a perfect coated textile for you.

    Transition to series production

    By early upscaling from laboratory to production scale, we can show the entire development process of your coating with absolute process reliability. As to our guiding principle states:


    for every coating developed we strive for series production on our coating machines, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) starting at 300 running metres.

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