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Choose your nopma quality product

nopma anti-slip

The anti-slip product

nopma extreme ceramics

The protection system for extreme mechanical wear and tear

nopma 3D shape

Durable textile embossing

nopma anti-slip FR

The anti-slip product with integrated flame protection

nopma safety-glow

Luminescence on flexible yard goods

nopma HeiQ viroblock

Antiviral and antimicrobial coating for textile protection shields

nopma biodegradable

100% sustainable coating

nopma reflect

Partial reflective textile coating

nopma 3D protection

Three-dimensional insulation layer

nopma comfort control

Moisture control for a comfortable feeling

nopma silicones

Silicone coatings

nopma flame protection

Solutions for flame protection

nopma carpet-fix

Roll out your carpet - ready!

nopma adhesion light

Adhesive pre-coating

nopma bonding

Lamination creates effects

nopma smart textiles

Precise conduction of current – defined resistances